Technologique: A Global Journal on Technological Developments and Scientific Innovations

Journal Prologue: Technological breakthroughs and scientific innovations are fast becoming a pervasive phenomenon in these modern times. Radical as may seem, its pervasiveness appears to be uncontainable and irrepressible. Just as the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its impact on humanity has entailed a big debate on its relevance (e.g. ethics, human jobs, etc.). Technologique, a quarterly peer reviewed research journal, will therefore showcase essential discourses on how technology and innovations have impacted the fabrics of the society, the various sectors of the industry, and the whole humanity.

Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
Editor – in – Chief: Dr. Arvin R. Dela Cruz
Associate Editor: Ms. Ma. Celia C. Cabasal
Associate Editor: Mr. Dhuff Mattheus V. Ortiz

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ISSN ONLINE: 3028 – 1407
ISSN PRINT: 3028 – 1415