Social Science Lens: A World Journal of Human Dynamics and Social Relations

    Journal Prologue: The day-to-day challenges in life have been the enigma of many people around the world. Much to the perplexities it brings, the way on how these challenges can be resolved is another challenge to consider. How people look at problems became the cornerstone of many scholars in approaching these perplexities. Social Science Lens (SSL) aims to disseminate the views of people through publication of worthwhile studies in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics. Encompassing investigations on human dynamics and social relations, studies published in SSL can be sources of interventions to address various facets of the society.

    Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
    Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Elisa Bernadette Entao-Limson
    Associate Editor: Ms. Charity T. Manuel
    Associate Editor: Mr. Dhuff Mattheus V. Ortiz


    PUBLISHER: VMC Analytiks Multidisciplinary Journal News Publishing Services