Pedagogy Review: An International Journal of Educational Theories, Approaches and Strategies

Journal Prologue: The quest for knowledge is no doubt a continuing endeavor. Thus, ways on how knowledge is delivered have also been an ongoing inquiry for most educators. Pedagogy Review (PR), a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of education, endeavors to publish scholarly works of educators and students with topics delving on gaps and problems raised in the context of teaching and learning with underpinning theories, approaches, and strategies as contextual highlights of the studies. PR’s aim to disseminate these types of studies is essential and timely as teaching and learning have taken a big leap due to the continuous evolution of educational theories, approaches, and strategies as well as on the advancement of technology.

Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Melvin Macuha
Associate Editor: Ms. Charity T. Manuel
Associate Editor: Ms. Ma. Celia C. Cabasal

PUBLISHER: VMC Analytiks Multidisciplinary Journal News Publishing Services

ISSN (Online): 3028-1040
ISSN (Print): 3028-1059