Ocean Life: An International Journal of Maritime Occupation and Safety

Journal Prologue: Ocean Life (OL) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish informative and relevant studies in the field of maritime occupation and safety. As one of the maiden issues of VMC Analytiks, OL is carefully curated to feature scholarly and professional studies dealing with the different facets of life at sea as experienced by seafarers. This also includes studies delving on various maritime safety issues which encompass major provisions from the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW).

Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
Editor-in-Chief: Capt. Jeric E. Bacasdoon
Associate Editor: Ms. Charity T. Manuel
Associate Editor: Mr. Jose Rafael Y. Benito

PUBLISHER: Lorem ipsum



** Watch out for inaugural articles to be featured in the 2nd issue of the “Ocean Life” journal.**