Communication Continuum: A Constitutive Journal of Communication and Media Studies

    Journal Prologue: The continuous advancement of technology has redefined the way people consume media. Inevitably, this led to a diaspora of various communication platforms. With the advent of pervasive communication, scholars have been keen in studying humanity with respect to this changing communication landscape. Communication Continuum (CC) intends to disseminate scholarly works encompassing theoretically grounded studies in media and communication with practical application in the day-to-day consumption of its various platforms. CC is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal aimed to circulate in an international level.

    Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
    Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anna Liza Po
    Associate Editor: Mr. Jose Rafael Benito
    Associate Editor: Mr. Dhuff Mattheus V. Ortiz

    PUBLISHER: Lorem ipsum

    ISSN/INDEXING: 00000


    ** Watch out for inaugural articles to be featured in the 1st issue of the “Communication Continuum” journal.**