Business Fora: Business and Allied Industries International Journal

Journal Prologue: Business For a (BF) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal which features various business-related studies with focus on the dynamics of employees, systems, and technology as they interact in the workspace continuum. With various models, concepts, and strategies, the world of business is replete with many facets, however, with inherent issues and problems. BF aims to publish and disseminate salient reports on the above problems coming from various types of businesses and encompassing aspects of various organizational and management issues.

Managing Editor: Dr. Victor M. Cajala
Associate Editor: Mr. Dhuff Mattheus V. Ortiz
Associate Editor: Ms. Charity T. Manuel


PUBLISHER: VMC Analytiks Multidisciplinary Journal News Publishing Services

ISSN ONLINE: 3028 – 1326
ISSN PRINT: 3028 – 1334