1. For Authors Publishing in Inhouse/Curated Journals

a. Article Processing Fee (APC). VMC Analytiks initially offers 60 USD (P3,335) for its Article Processing Charge (APC). It is important to know that albeit accessing open access research is free for Users, unless otherwise Authors opted to choose the “Pay-per-download” agreement with the company, there are expenses incurred at every phase of the publication process. This includes, but not limited to, peer-review works, copyediting, lay-outing, typesetting, and accommodating the article in perpetuity on devoted web servers here at the “Digital Journal Philippines” website. Not to mention the processing required for the journals to be indexed by leading international indexing databases. APCs defray these costings. However, an APC will only be charged if the submitted paper has undergone peer review and eventually accepted for publication. The APC can either be charged to the Author, or its respective Funder, Institution, or Employer.

b. Editing Fee (EF). VMC Authors of papers requiring editing can opt to avail the Editing Services of VMC Analytiks at an affordable introductory rate of 30 USD (P1,670). Required editing shall be based on the “Notes of Revision” (NOR) received after the peer review process.

2. For Institutional Publishers Publishing in Printed/Published Journals

a. Journal Processing Charge (JPC). Academic Institutions and Private Organizations can electronically publish their hard copy journals to “Digital Journal Philippines” (DJP) with a minimum Journal Processing Charge (JPC) of 30 USD (P1,670). Much like the same with article publication, journal publication also incurs expenses in each stage of the publication process. This includes, lay-outing, typesetting, and accommodating the article in perpetuity on devoted web servers here at the “Digital Journal Philippines” website. JPCs defray this cost.

b. International Indexing Assistance Services (IIAS). VMC Analytiks extends assistance to and/or representation of published hard copy journals intending to be indexed in international indexing databases. Assistance includes, but not limited to, the thorough curation of journal topic, review (and revision, if needed) of content articles, and other consultancy services that would increase in the possible acceptance of the journal for indexing. Interested parties wanting to seek this service may contact/inquire VMC Analytiks for the requirements and corresponding fees.

3. For Users/Consumers of Both Inhouse/Curated Journals & Printed/Published Journals

a. "Open Access" Articles (OAA). Research articles that, by default, can be directly downloaded at the DJP website are classified as “Open Access” articles and are therefore free of charge. With the Author’s intent to fully share and disseminate the results of his/her work, as well as to increase its citation score, Users can enjoy and utilize these articles for free. More so, the “Open Access” articles will be applied for “Creative Commons” license to enable re-users to distribute, print, re-print, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license also allows for commercial use of selected articles which undergone a “pay-per-download” agreement.

b. "Pay-Per-Download" Fee (PPDF). Research articles that are tagged with “Pay-Per-Download” label require a minimal fee amount to be read and/or downloaded. With a signed agreement between the Author and VMC Analytiks to charge a download fee, Authors opted to share their research articles with a minimal cost to defray the expenses they incurred in paying the APC, as well as a “return premium” on the novelty of their work and its corresponding results. Cost per article may vary accordingly. Please navigate the specific “Pay-Per-Download” article to determine its corresponding cost.

c. Subscription Fee (SF). The Subscription Fee (SF) is open to institutional and individual subscription. This fee gives right to Subscribers a full access of all the research articles published in the “Digital Journal Philippines” (DJP) website. The fee generally serves as a fund in maintaining the availability of research articles on the dedicated web server of the DJP. For the subscription fee rates, please contact VMC Analytiks.

d. Curated Journals Hard Copy Fee (CJHCF). Users and Consumers can order hard copy versions of the Inhouse/Curated Journals. For a minimum sale amount of 15 USD (P833)per journal issue, and a minimum 5 USD (P278) shipping fee, Consumers can take hold of the hard copy print of all curated journals of VMC Analytiks. For orders, please contact VMC Analytiks.